JoyID is a multichain, cross-platform, passwordless and mnemonic-free wallet solution based on FIDO Webauthn protocol and Nervos CKB. It allows users to create, use their wallets without passwords or mnemonics, and supports various features such as multi-device support, account recovery, NFT/FT asset management and so on. JoyID is designed to break down the barriers to the mass adoption of crypto wallet, making it truly easy-to-use and high security for all Web2 & Web3 users.

Why JoyID?

  • No password, no mnemonic, no email, no phone number: You don't need to provide or remember any sensitive information to access your wallet. You only need your devices and biometrics.
  • Non-custodial: You have full control over your private keys and funds. No one can access your wallet without your biometrics.
  • Backup and recovery: JoyID provide several backup method to level up account security. You can use your device, blockchain wallet, social friends, passport etc. to backup and recovery your account without changing the address
  • Multichain support: JoyID Wallet supports various blockchains, including BTC, EVM chains, and more. Users can utilize JoyID to manage assets across these chains, encompassing tokens, NFTs, Data and more.
  • Public good: JoyID Wallet is based on JoyID protocol, which is designed as a public good for everyone.