Generate a URL to redirect the user to the JoyID App sign message page. This function cound be useful when you do not need to initiate sign request immediately.


function generateSignURL (  request: SignMessageRequest,  type: 'popup' | 'redirect'): stringinterface SignMessageRequest {  /**   * The URL of your app that JoyID app should redirect to after authentication   */  redirectURL: string  /**   * name of your app   */  name?: string  /**   * logo of your app   */  logo?: string  /**   * The challenge that was requested to be signed   */  challenge: string}


async function mySignWithRedirect() {  const request = {    redirectURL: '',    title: 'Example App',    logo: '',    challenge: 'Sign this message',  }  const url = generateSignURL(request, 'redirect')  // do something with the url  // etc. await myFunction(url)  // custom redirect  window.location.href = url}
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